UC: You’re Still the Small Fish In a Big Pond

September 23, 2009 at 6:08 pm (Sports)

Both helmets

Lately, there has been a lot of commentary on The Ohio State University, specifically the Buckeyes football team as college football has gotten off to a very entertaining start to the 2009 season.  That start has included a high profile matchup as the Buckeyes were looking to avenge last year’s 35 – 3 thumping by the USC Trojans.  While the Bucks played well, they still ultimately lost, giving up a 7 minute touchdown drive at the end of the 4th quarter.  Since that game, they have received many compliments throughout the media, just because they played “competitively” when many expected it to be another blowout.  What those same people do not realize is that Buckeye Nation is sick of these moral victories.  The “W” is all that matters, and we have failed in that category lately, when it comes to big games.

Now it seems that some like to add insult to injury.  While we are recovering from another heartbreaking loss, another school from the state of Ohio is off to a great start.  They are 3-0 and are destroying anybody in their path.  That team: The Cincinnati Bearcats.  They have clearly positioned themselves as the favorite in the Big East, although that may not be saying much.  Still — they were impressive in a 47-15 victory over Rutgers.  They followed that up with a 70-3 victory against Southeast Missouri State.  Yes, I know.  It’s just Southeast Missouri State.  But no matter how you slice it, 70 points is impressive.  A 67 point margin of victory!  Could you ever imagine Tressel doing that to a team?  Some people like the fact that he does not run the score up, but based on the way the ranking system is set up, a 67 point margin of victory does count for something, whether it is right or wrong.  In any case, Cincinnati then made the cross-country trip to play at Oregon State, one of the top teams in the Pac 10.  The Bearcats responded by winning 28-18, a victory that has opened some eyes in the college football community.

That’s great and all, but it seems that their 3-0 start has also created some big heads on the UC sideline.  I hope UC has a great year, and they have certainly gotten off to a great start.  But why do so many players now-a-days feel the need to talk?  I grew up with the attitude that you let your play do the talking, not your mouth.  It seems many do not follow that kind of thinking.  Meet Isaiah Pead.

Buckeyes vs. Bearcats

Isaiah Pead

Mr. Pead should concentrate on making more plays like the one he made against Rutgers, instead of concentrating on the team in Columbus.

“Hey, if we ever have to strap it on with them, we’re going to win.”Well Mr. Pead, lucky for you, you won’t need to “strap it on with them” this year.  In fact, your team won’t get to “strap it on with them” until 2012, after you have already run out of athletic eligibility.

I miss Barry Sanders.  You know the quiet running back that never opened his mouth until it was time for his Hall of Fame speech?  He didn’t need to, his play did the talking for him.  Mr. Pead, if you really believe Cincinnati is the best team in the state of Ohio — fine.  You are entitled to that opinion.  I differ strongly with it, but you are still entitled to your own view.  However, why do you feel the need to talk about it and guarantee a victory in a game that you know has no chance of happening?  The only possibility of that game happening is if there were an all-Ohio BCS game.  And, we know all too well, there is no chance that will happen.  What BCS game is going to want two Ohio teams?  They pull from the same market!  And even if they did want two Ohio teams, you really believe they would even be presented that option?  I mean we are talking about the BCS, where bowl picks are based not only on the individual team, but the money and fans that they bring as well.  Ohio State brings more money and more fans than any team in the country.  And Cincinnati — well — doesn’t.  Ohio State will be one of the first chosen, if they aren’t already scheduled for a trip to Pasadena.  Cincinnati will be one of the last.

So of course you can talk a big game when you know you won’t need to eat those words later.  Of course you can talk a big game when you know you won’t have to face an Ohio State linebacker coming up, with his sole purpose of knocking your teeth out.  On the off chance that we do meet this year, I would recommend telling your coach that you have the Swine Flu, so that you are unavailable to play.  Otherwise — I feel sorry for your parents, because they will be watching a team try to hit their son as hard as anybody has been hit before.

Maybe you guys are better than Ohio State this year.  Again — I doubt it, but maybe you are.  But why do you feel the need to talk?  We should just be happy that there are two good, or even great teams in Ohio, which hasn’t been true for a long time.  Don’t ruin that by opening your big mouth.  I hope, more than anything, that we see you in the near future so that we can settle this nonsense.  And believe me, we would!  Cincinnati wants to be considered a “big boy.”  Fine, but in order to be a “big boy” on the national stage, you must be consistent, year-in and year-out.  That consistency is judged by your play on the field, not by your talk off of it.  For a running back and a team that has not accomplished anything, there sure is a lot of talk coming from that young group of men.  The last time Ohio State and Cincinnati squared off, it was a 37-7 Buckeye blowout.  I realize that these are two completely different teams.  And yet, without any proof that Cincinnati is more than just a team in the middle of its 15 minutes of fame, this is just a bunch of talk from a player that knows he will never need to back up his big mouth.


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